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Post  Yumi on Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:56 am

These are simply my opinions while playing, suggestions/ideas I've come up with, and problems/inconveinences I've faced while playing TranquilMS. Please don't take any offense at them. ^^;; In hopes to help improve the server...

Pros of TranquilMS: =]
- All the GMs I've met and talked with so far, have been a great help and aid. They're so friendly and are very willing to help new players of TranquilMS out! A big round of applause to them (:
- The FMs of bosses and mobs. Can't express how convenient that is!
- Rates [exp/drop], I think, are pretty good.

Problems/Issues/MINOR suggestions:
- Sometimes, smegas don't work. The limit of word-space seems off. For example: I try to smega something really lenghty, and in the "typing space", its basically unlimited? When pushing " OK " it dosen't show up. I go back and type something shorter, and only then--it smega'd. Is there anyway to format the smegas so that the limit-word-space is noticible?
- In some FM rooms, I've noticed the spawn rate was a bit slow. Once the entire mob is killed, I have to wait more than 5 minutes for it to respawn or go out of the map, do another room, then go back in to see if some spawned. However, I'm impressed with how the monsters are inside the FMs so that they're easily assessible. If there is any way to increase spawn rate, that'd be awesome.
- The constant disconnecting? I know servers aren't perfect but it becomes to a point of annoyance. I noticed large skills with effects causes DC or sometimes even lag. For example: Genesis. I was in a map with one of my friends using Genesis and we ended up basically "taking turns" disconnecting. Amusing at that time though. xD
- Sera and the LPQ stop sign NPC. It's hard to click Sera when she's standing on top of the LPQ-stop-sign npc. I end up clicking the stop-sign more than 10 times before FINALLY getting Sera's chatwindow to come up. If this could be fixed, I'd really appreciate it. ^^;; Adding skill points and resetting stats would be so much convenient.
- In the Ludi-Maze-PQ, the exit npc where you turn in your tickets isn't functioning properly. I was with my party and was clicking to get out [as leader], but it (1) kept giving me little exp (2) wouldn't take my tickets (3) wouldn't let me or my party members leave. We had to do @emo to get out of the PQ itself.

In need of something "special".
Something that the other private servers don't offer.

- Events. In order to get alot of players into the server, TranquilMS needs to offer something "special" that the other private servers lack. Just about ALL private servers have events [NX slimes, blue slimes, GM Scrolls], but what event could TranquilMS host that willl offer something that is more appealing to the players? I also know that the high rates draws in alot of players. Others dislike the high rates. Grinding for the same thing and rebirthing can get a little repetitive and..boring. What if something was 'awarded' for XX amount of rebirths? Maybe a free 'rare', exclusive item only availible for those who rebirthed XX+ times. Just something players can work for and feel accomplished when succeeding. That truly motivates players to play in all types of mmorpgs. xD

- Convenience? Also, the more convenient the better. When exchangeing mesos for leaves, it's a bother to go back to the FM where the mushroom stands. An update with "@" command would really help! And players wouldn't have to go back and forth between maps. Is there a way to increase inventory meso-space? If not, can the meso-storage be open? I noticed TranquilMS' storage service was not for storage, but instead for scrolls. It'd be awesome if it was a storage. We could transfer items between characters easily and assessibly. But "too much" convenience can lead to boredom. I've played a private server where EVERYTHING was provided. There was simply nothing to 'work' for, and nothing to set as a goal...so it got really boring and I ended up quiting almost immediately. Keep things challenging yet achievable.

- More Features! Everyone loves upgrades and additions! I've tried out a few private servers and I've found the following to be lacking/missing: (1) Friendship/Crush Rings. (2) Marriage System. (3) Pet name changeing (4) Multiple Pets ...There are a few more but that's all I can think of at the moment. o.o

Ah! Sorry if I elaborated the points too much. o.o
I hate when this happens. ><;;

Well, thanks for running TranquilMS and I hope it'll grow and 'prosper', haha. xD
- Yumi

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